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00 pizza flour 25kg

Welcome to pizzaflour.co.uk

Who we are and where we go

Molino Pasini Spa has been active in the milling sector for over 80 years and three generations. The company produces high quality flours for the most exigent customers. Today Molino Pasini is the perfect balance between the continuity with the past and the evolution towards the future. The continuous research of the best quality is always the company’s top priority.

What people tell about us

We are considered the "artisans" of flour. We have a maniacal care for the product. We provide the most exigent customers with our products.

The mission

    Food safety: As from 2011 we are “BRC” and “IFS” approved with the highest score.
    R & D: continuous research and development through a modern and efficient laboratory.

Our motto

Nobody like Her “ Nessuna come Lei” .. She is the Flour!